Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Days Three, Four & Five


 The older three minions spent most of the day out playing with other 
kids on our street - soccer balls, footballs, bikes 
& roller blades littered many front yards.

Waiting patiently for everyone...anyone to come back & play. 

Fishy got a new home, a big improvement from the over sized vase he was calling home. 

New playlists were created for the kids (With no references to bakery foods or snakes).

This has pretty much gone out the window.


Ben & Rianan spent Tuesday at their friend's houses.
 With only four minions to fill the car, despite the wind & threatening gray skies, 
playgrounds were in & lunch was take-out.

 Home just in time.


So we spent the afternoon playing with these...

 & on these.


These handsome little men kept me company while the older three played.
Do you know how many out takes of this photo were taken? 
...& this was the best one. 
No wonder we have so very few photos of all six minions that make the cut. 
It's hard enough getting it right with just three.

Ben & Z are the brains behind this entertainment.


In preparation for their upcoming 'show' all neighbourhood bikes were washed.

& cars, for cash of course.

Not to be left out, little bikes were washed...

While the littlest of them all watched.

Not a lot of sleeping was happening today for this little guy. 
I don't know whether it's teeth (we have new chompers emerging up the top.) 
Or the constant activity with kids coming in & out the front door,
yelling down the hall way or kicking soccer balls 
& riding bikes out the front. 

They topped the day off with drawing & coloring in while talking about what makes them angry (Top of the list, unanimously, one yelling at another).

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