Wednesday, July 30, 2014


A very brief post to let you all know that we're a little MIA at the moment.

Clay has RSV (fancy name for a common cold) along with bronchiolitis & because he is still so little it's really hit him hard. So we've spent the last 4 days, & still a few more yet to go, in hospital under the fantastic care of some excellent pediatrician's & pediatric nurses.

Meanwhile Doug is home with the other five minions holding down the fort & keeping little emotional hearts intact as Ben, Rianan, Jack,  Blake & Will try to cope & adjust, with Clay & I being so far away & their little brother so unwell.

At the moment my head is so filled with oxygen saturation levels & high heart rates; concerns over anxious & emotional little minions, a husband worried for all his children & for his wife over an hour away. There's nothing that I can actively do to fix anything other than to just keep swimming. 

Hence, there is no available brain space for blog posts.

So on that note I'll leave this post here.

We'll be returning to our regular scheduled programming once we're all under the same roof again & life has returned to normal...

Well as normal as can be.
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